Should I Keep my Landline?

If you have a landline phone then you will be paying for it. You will be paying line rental and you will pay for the calls that you make as well. Even if it comes as part of a package with your broadband and perhaps with television channels too, you will still have to pay for it. You may therefore wonder whether it is a good idea to keep it or whether you should get rid of it to save money.

Compare the Cost with Mobile

People that get rid of their landline tend to do so because they think that it will be cheaper to just use a mobile instead. A mobile phone can be better in some ways, because we can also send text messages and we may use it to access the Internet as well. Being portable, it is a useful way that we can receive and make phone calls when we are not at home, rather than relying on a telephone box or using a friend or family members phone. Once we start using a mobile, we tend not to want to go without one which means that we will then be paying for both a landline and a mobile.

It is good to compare the cost of calls between the landline and the mobile. This may not be that easy, as the mobile rates may include some free calls tied in with the particular package that you have arranged. However, it should be possible to come up with some idea based on what you typically use. If the calls on the land line are a lot cheaper than the mobile, then it could work out cheaper to keep the phone. This will very much depend on what you pay to your particular provider.

Consider People Calling You

It is also worth considering people that are calling you. If people have a landline then they tend to like calling others on their land lines because it costs them less money and may even be free within the package that they arranged. This means that they will perhaps be paying a higher rate if they call a mobile compared to another land line. If they call you up a lot, then this can work out to be really expensive for them. They may therefore reduce how much they call you or stop completely. You may not mind this, but it depends on who they are and whether they really want to speak to you. Alternatively, they may keep calling you anyway and paying out extra money that they cannot really afford which will not be good for them.

Think About Convenience

There is something really convenient about having a mobile phone. It means that people can call you up at anytime and speak to you, even if you are not at home. This can be great as it means that you are easy to get hold of, but it can also be annoying in some ways. It means that we are expected to be available all of the time and it might be difficult to find peace if it is possible for people to call you even when you are trying to have a relaxing walk or a holiday. However, having a phone with you all the time could be handy for using in emergencies or for general use when you want to make a call when you are outside of the home. This means that having a mobile phone is probably more convenient than a landline if you are considering choosing between the two.

So, keeping both phones will be more expensive, but you could find that if you do some comparison searches you can reduce the cost of both. This might be better option than trying to choose between them and could mean that you will be able to more easily afford them both. It will not be that difficult to switch between different suppliers as well and so you could very easily be able to save some money. If you land line is tied in with your broadband and television package then you may need to compare these as well. It is always worth checking to see whether it will be cheaper to have things combined in a package or pay for them separately. This can depend on what you are specifically looking for so check that out as well. It will take time to do all of these calculations, but it will be worth it.

Is it Right to Claim Benefits?

There are many people that claim benefits from the government for all sorts of things. It might for their children or themselves for various reasons. There are some people that claim lots of benefits and have no problem with it and others that prefer not to claim anything at all. You may wonder whether it is the right thing for you to do.

Do not Make Fake Claims

Some people do make fake claims. It might be that they pretend they has a disability that they do not, claim they are unemployed when they are working or hide that they have savings so that they can get benefits. This is against the law and if caught, anyone doing this would be in a lot of trouble. It is also not moral to take money which you are not entitled to and it means that you could be taking money from someone that deserves it a lot more than you.

If you are Entitled why not Take it?

You may therefore feel that even if you are entitled to have benefits that you should leave the money for those that really deserve it. This is a very noble though to have but you should consider whether you will be able to manage without the money. Make sure that you have properly calculated whether you can afford to go without that help. Think about the income that you do have and the money that you need to pay out and calculate whether you will always have enough to cover it. You should also consider whether you might have higher costs at times which might mean that you need that extra money more. It could be worth taking the money and saving what you are not using and then keeping it by for times when you do need the money more. If you are in the situation where you have lots of savings and feel you have enough money, then you could either choose to spend it locally and boost your local economy or perhaps donate it to a charity that you care about.

If the money is for your children – perhaps child tax credits or child benefit then you could always save it up for them. The money should go towards buying things for them, but if you feel they already have enough from the money that you earn, then perhaps save the money for them. You could give it to them as pocket money to spend on what they wish, put it into a bank account for them or you could keep it in an account in your name and then gift it to them when they are older. You could perhaps give it to them towards a deposit for a house, to help towards the costs of university or towards buying a car. They are certainly likely to be grateful for the donation.

It is also worth thinking about the fact that the reason you are being given the money is because it is felt that your need it. Consider why it is felt that you need it and whether there are things that you should be spending it on. Perhaps you should be spending a bit more on yourself, your home, your family or whatever. Of course, some people do need more money than others, because they have higher bills to pay, bad credit payday loans to repay etc, but we all need certain things and perhaps the extra money might help us to pay for those.  If you do not have things like this, perhaps due to lifestyle choices that you have made, then there may be other things you can buy with it.

Do not Judge Others

Even if you choose not to take the money then it is good to make sure that you do not judge those that do. Unless they are making false claims, which is of course against the law and wring, they may just need it more than you do. People have all sorts of complex reasons for needing financial help and even if it is just that they are not managing their money well, we should not be using that as a way to judge them. It is not easy to be in control of everything in our lives, none of us are perfect and we should be kind to each other. As long as they are only claiming what they are allowed to claim, then they are doing nothing illegal and so there is no reason to feel jealous or annoyed with them for any reason.